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There is no limit to our blissful pleasure as and when we read the words of Shree Hari in the Holy Shikshapatri and Vachanamrit. Each reading unfolds new spiritual wisdom and better understanding and the Divine image of Shree Hari appears before our eyes.

Former Acharya Maharajshri Tejendraprasadji Maharaj praises the glorious majesty of Lord NarNarayan Dev in all His meetings and preaching. Maharajshri has, upon countless occasions, recommended the thorough study of the Vachanamrit 7 of Ahmedabad. We should treat ourselves most fortunate for such personal hints from His Holiness. Maharajshri has blessed us eternally by a hand written collection named “Lord NarNarayan Dev in the Vachanamrit”. Though it is small in appearance, the collection is like a majestic torch to illuminate the innermost of devotees and aspirants. Even today, Shriji Maharaj dwells among us in the visible form of Shree NarNarayan Dev. Thus, the lord of the cosmoses and universe is present among us to fulfil our wishes and resolute. Maharajshri explains it in the easiest way to help us in our devotion and meditation.

In His spiritual dialogue delivered at Jetalpur (Vachanamrit: Jetalpur-5), Shriji Maharaj has said “Listen to Me. I am conveying the facts as they are. There is nothing greater then the devotion of God, because God Himself is the doer of everything. Everything happens at my sovereign resolute and free will and by the grace of God, I pervade all three kalas – past, present and future – and the actions in the kalas. This is the core reason why I institute repeatedly the supreme majesty and lordship of Shree NarNarayan Dev. Lord Shree Krishna Purushottam – the lord of Akshardhaam – dwells here in front of you at this assembly, therefore, to reinforce within his supreme majesty, I had built the splendid temple at Ahmedabad at the cost of millions and had installed the idols of Lord NarNarayan Dev. Those in Bharat Khand who worship other deities and ignore the majestic supreme Lord NarNarayan Dev, are like those debauch women who abandon their husband to satisfy carnal desires with other men. I have manifested myself for the benediction of the saints and other souls. Therefore, I will take you all to My divine abode, if you should follow My teachings. Thus, Shree Hari promises emancipation to His devotees.

“In V.S 1882, on the seventh day of the dark half of the month falgun, Shriji Maharaj was seated at the upper floor of the building of the main gate of the temple of Lord NarNarayan Dev at Ahmedabad. The Vasudeva Mahatmya was being read before Him. Shortly after, as evening set in, he came downstairs and sat on the wooden cot underneath the margosa tree near the main gate. Pragji Dave, who was there in the assembly, asked Maharaj, “Oh Maharaj, please tell us how our mind can be firmly established on your Divine self so that it would not defect at anytime.” Shriji Maharaj replied, “the mind becomes fixed on the Divine form of God, only when one realises the glory and divine majesty of God”. Shree Hari explained the method and means to realise divine glory and majesty with the realisation of the image of God,” If I shook the toe of my foot, the earth and entire land of universe rock and tremble by a touch of the toe. The millions of suns, moons and stars receive light only from My Divine Light….Those Jivas who have sought refuge in Me shall be consigned to my Divine Power of omniscience. They shall be so elevated spiritually that they will, by their desire, evolve millions of macrocosms. However, even with such divine power, they should not experience the ego of their greatness of Lord NarNarayan Dev presently manifesting here. They should always realise that they have their greatness because of the grace of Shree NarNarayan Dev.”

Former Acharya Maharajshri Tejendraprasadji Maharaj has taken good care of us and had compiled for us with great care the Divine words of Lord Shree Hari from the Vachanamrits narrating the Divine majesty and Divine image of Lord NarNarayan Dev. The devotees should read it meditatively everyday for self emancipation and the universal welfare of mankind.

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