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The sacred month of Shravan is a season of religious festivals, celebrations, devotion, Satsang, devotional music, penance, meditation and vratts. Special events are organised everyday at all the temples either by the devotees or by the saints. The devotees and aspirants come to the temple to participate in these devotional feasts. They spare time from their busy schedule and attend such Satsang regularly in holy days of Shravan. This soulful devotional pleasure and selfless service of devotees attracts crowds at the religious places. The majesty and divinity of devotion holds the power to melt rocks.

There was a small village and at the heart of that village was a small temple. The saints would come to the temple to conduct daily sating during sacred days of shraavan. Dhoon, Kirtan and Katha-Varta Satsang was being conducted by them with the devotees. Devotional songs and devotional music were the main attractions of the sessions.

A Munim (accountant) of a private business was residing in the neighbourhood of the temple. He was listening everyday to Dhoon, Kirtan and Katha-Varta held in the evening. In the beginning he ignored it and took it as waste of time. But as the time passed day after day, he got accustomed to it and though unknowingly, formed a habit to give an ear to it. As the days passed he was drawn to the temple gate. Now he sat there at the steps and clapped, unintentionally, his hands to the rhythm of the Dhoons and Kirtans. He began to whisper the words of the Kirtan and paid attention to the preaching of the saints. Within a few days he found himself merged in that large group of devotional songs, devotional ways and Satsang activities. He tried to be one among them, but not with a settled mind. Though he attended it daily, his mind was not settled well in devotion.

On one occasion he went to the saint and opened his heart. The saint attended to him with great love and said that the mind should be at peace and should be most comfortable without any external pressure. The Satsangis at this place should be at ease and should merge themselves absolutely in devotion of God, without any conscious effort from their side. Now as I assume there should be some sinful secret still hidden in your heart and that should be the cause of the unsettled – disturbed mind. The Munim then submitted politely, “There is no other sin except a cheating of five thousand rupees. I have taken it secretly from the cash box of my employer. Nobody knows about it but now, I will return it to its place.” The saint inquired after some days, “Munimji, how are you? Settled or not?” The Munim replied, “Not very well. Not fully settled.” “Munimji, it should not be so. Have you prayed for a pardon when you replaced it? Probably you have not confessed your fault – your mistake. Therefore, go once again personally to your employer and pray for a pardon.”

“Oh Saint, I can not do it. I will lose my prestige and self respect if I did so. I have given it back most secretively. If my employer knew, he will lose trust in me.” The saints then reassured him that nothing untoward was to happen by his open hearted confession. They accompanied Munim in his visit to the employer. He confessed everything to his employer and prayed for a pardon. The employer was pleased by his sincere and transparent behaviour. He embraced him with love and offered a rise in his salary. The employer then saluted to the saints and admired their devotional ways. Munimji realised the majesty and glory of Satsang.

This story is like a dimensional diamond. Each cut has its own luminosity. For example a sincere and openhearted apology brings virtuous rewards. A Satsang strengthens the soul to be brave enough to confess the mistakes. There are noble souls who forgive a sincere soul. If a mistake is committed - knowingly or unknowingly - be brave and bold enough to accept it open heartily. Say sorry for your mistake. It is a kind of penance and a penance is always profitable.

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